Fai's Home Page

My name is Fai (pronounced just like the Greek letter 'Phi'!), and welcome to my Home Page. I worked as a Chemical Engineer for six years at a gas plant here in the UAE. I am currently living in Dubai. I graduated from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada with two degrees: Engineering Chemistry and Mathematics.

This is just a place for me to throw anything I have worked on with regards to my hobbies, which include computer programming, close-up magic and photography. Click the links on the left to take you to the respective areas of my site to learn more about me and see my work. While these areas are not updated very often, I post to my blog every few days, so make sure you follow it! You can see the recent updates to my site (excluding the blog posts) below.

Recent Updates

19/2/2018: The Hearthstone Assistant (in Outdated Software) has been reduced down to a "Lite" version to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage. Most of the cards and images have been removed, and therefore, some of the functionality may be broken as well.
17/02/2018: Added a new section to my website: Streaming. It contains a link to my Twitch stream as well as the time to my next stream.
26/1/2018: My Supergirl collection has now expanded to a second showcase, with 12 new additions!