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My Recent Khan Academy Activity Drop

And just as quickly as it started, it shall end.

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Wildlife Photography is Hard!

Here’s something I learnt very quickly during my zoo visits in the US: wildlife photography is really hard!

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Random Restaurant Review: Pachino Trattoria & Pizzeria, San Francisco

This is a small pizzeria in San Francisco that was near my hotel during our visit to San Francisco, so we decided to visit.

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Collection Spotlight: Yoshimoto Cube

This little puzzle is really cool and surprisingly hard to come by.

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[the Sequence]: A Simplistic, But Fun Puzzle Game

Here’s yet another algorithm-design called called [the Sequence]!

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YouTube Spotlight: Sixty Symbols

A heavy Physics-oriented channel. Yummy! Let’s talk about Sixty Symbols.

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Supergirl Season 2 End of Season Opinions

I did it for Season 1, and I’m going to do it for all seasons for this show!

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My Thoughts On… Fame

I recently got an email from The Piano Guys (a channel on Youtube that I subscribe to) asking me to support their Patreon. I have made a conscious decision not to, and here’s why.

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My First Experience with Git

Believe it or not, this was my first time using Git. I wanted to talk about my experiences with it.

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Collection Spotlight: Galileo Thermometer

Don’t let its looks deceive you. It is a fairly accurate thermometer.

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