YouTube Spotlight: Sixty Symbols

A heavy Physics-oriented channel. Yummy! Let’s talk about Sixty Symbols.


Sixty Symbols is a Physics-related channel from Brady HaranĀ (the same person who created Numberphile). I was semi-reluctant to spotlight this channel because it will not appeal to such a large viewer base as the other channels I have done spotlights on in the past. The reason for this is the preliminary knowledge of physics that is required.

The channel does attempt to explain advanced physics in fairly simple language. There are a number of professors that are interviewed from the University of Nottingham, such as Philip Moriarty and Edmund Copeland. They are really great speakers and are very interesting to listen to. I particularly enjoyed Professor Copeland’s longer talks (around 30 minutes each) on Cosmic Superstrings and Dark Matter.

Just from the above topics I mentioned, it should be clear that a preliminary knowledge of physics is required. While the professors do make an effort to explain jargon used, having that preliminary knowledge will go a long way.

If you do have some formal education in physics or do have a really strong interest in getting to know what cutting edge physics is like, Sixty Symbols will not disappoint. There’s a wealth of knowledge in this channel, and some very cool talks and interviews with professors that are extremely talented in their respective fields

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