Access Denied: A Fun Indie Puzzle Game

Access Denied is a game that I had very low expectations of, but which pleasantly surprised me.

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I’m usually very weary of indie puzzle games, in terms of difficulty and quality of production. Sometimes, they have bugs, and sometimes, the puzzles are too easy. As far as Access Denied goes, I found it to be fairly acceptable.

Right off the bat, there are no bugs that I encounted in the game. The purpose of the game is to solve each of the 36 different boxes that they give you. As you progress, each box gets slightly more difficult than the one before it.

Access Denied Screenshot 1

Some puzzle elements the same between some of the boxes. That is, once you figure out what to do to solve it, you can transfer those skills to any box. However, there are new ones that come up as you go through the game.

I am an avid puzzle-solver and I do really enjoy my puzzles. I not only play puzzle games on Steam, but also many online puzzle games that really test your ability to think outside the box. As such, I found my prior puzzle-solving experience to be particularly useful in trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles, because some of them really do require that you are observant and creative.

Access Denied Screenshot 2

Overall, there isn’t much to say about the game. The graphics are decent, and the puzzles are fair. I completed the game in about 3 hours. During that time, I only had to look up the solution to one puzzle, and even then, was not able to figure out how to logically solve the puzzle to obtain that solution. The general consensus on the Steam community also matched my thoughts. No one had an explanation as to why that was the solution.

If you are really interested in puzzle games, this game might give you a few hours of entertainment, although you may find the puzzles to be on the easy side. However, it is only a few hours of your time, and perhaps the game might be worth picking up if it is on sale.

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