Aramex – Careless, Clumsy, Incompetent

Let’s talk about courier services, shall we? Particularly… Aramex.

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You can probably tell from the title how my experiences were with this courier service. I bought an item off Ebay (a Galileo Thermometer*) which was shipped to me as part of its Global Shipping Program – a program hosted by Ebay to allow international customers to purchase items within the US.

The program requires the seller to ship the item to Ebay’s hub in the US. Ebay then finds a courier service and ships the item to you. Ebay will automatically calculate your custom duties and shipping fees at the time of purchase, so there are no surprise costs upon arrival. It’s a really great system as it provides international customers access to items sold within the US only. But there’s a small hitch: the courier service being utilized is critical. Find a courier service that is incompetent (hello, Aramex) and you’re in for one hellish experience. I will also add that the customer does not get to pick the courier service. This is decided by Ebay.

First, let me show you the tracking log of the item in question:

Aramex tracking log

Aramex tracking log

My package was shipped out (from the seller) on the 2nd of July. So, not too bad. It took about a week for the item to leave the seller’s house, get to the Ebay hub, get processed and given to the courier. So far, so good.

My issues start on the 12th of July. After a failed delivery, I called them up to see why the delivery was delayed. The response I got was something along the lines of “we put it on the wrong truck”. Really? Isn’t a courier service supposed to know the general vicinity of my house, given an address? Anyway, I provided them with additional information and a landmark so that the would not “put my package on the wrong truck” again.

On the 13th, the delivery fails again. This time, at 7:30PM. I call them up again, and surprise, surprise, no one picks up the phone because they’re on their Iftar break. Funny how a courier service doesn’t have any CS representatives that aren’t fasting. I know it’s not true because the person I spoke to the day before was non-Muslim. Anyway, the recorded message on the other end of the line tells me that they resume duty at 8PM, and will be opened until 10PM. I tried calling more than five times during that time bracket, with no response.

I called them back, first thing in the morning on the 14th, and the CS representative apologized for the delay in delivering the parcel. Upon asking for the reason, I was told that “the driver did not have the time to deliver the parcel”. Yes, really. So, they tell you a parcel will be delivered today. You stay at home and adjust your schedules according to ensure you are at home when the parcel arrives, and then they say they can’t deliver it because they “don’t have the time”. Very professional.

She then said that she would “contact the operations department to see if they could arrange an urgent delivery and that they would get back to me within 45 minutes”. I informed her that the parcel being delivered was fragile and that constantly loading it and unloading it onto the truck would not end well. That phone call never came. After calling them back and being put on hold for close to 15 minutes, I was informed that the package “was damaged and could not be delivered”.

I was not the happiest panda at that point. I told them “So you broke it. Despite the fact that I pointed out it was fragile”. I got a response along the lines of “it was damaged at the US hub”. Again, another lie. If the item were damaged at the US hub, liquid would be leaking out of the parcel and the item would not have arrived at Dubai in the first place. They said that they were not responsible, but they were willing to open an “investigation” if I wanted.

Needless to say, Aramex are either extremely incompetent, or just don’t care. I believe both are true. Point I am trying to make is: if you intend on using a courier service, dish out the extra money and use a proper one (DHL, FedEx, UPS are all great) if you have the option. As of now, I intend on getting a refund from Ebay for this mishap.

*If you’re not sure what a Galileo Thermometer is, you should check the Wikipedia article out. Essentially, it uses the change of a liquid’s density with temperature to cause glass spheres to float to the top. The lowest-floating sphere at the top of the thermometer gives you the temperature.
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6 Responses to Aramex – Careless, Clumsy, Incompetent

  1. arvin says:

    I am having a BIG trouble to recieve my documents which has been sent for me EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL and its almos a month that I dont have them and no one answers why ,,,, I loose my job because of this,,, it was supos to be delivered in 3 days ,, and its a month now,,, its my seaman book and i need it to be abord a ship,,,
    its stock in custom of USA,,, its been send from another country to brasil ,,, and its one month thats in florida,,,
    what can I do ? I mean my job is gone,,,,
    hate this company ,,, they have no responsibility

    • aommaster says:

      Sorry to hear about your job. After my fiasco with Aramex, I simply stopped using them (through Ebay’s Global Shipping Program). I mostly use DHL because they host a parcel-forwarding system in the US, called Borderlinx. It is expensive, but if you choose to not repack shipments made, you’ll get your items in the state that they have arrived in the mail.

      Just a heads up though, choosing to not repack shipments can be really expensive. But sometimes, it is worth it.

  2. Jay Ross says:

    I have shipped item and received item from over 30 countries and Aramex is the worst company in the world. I do not know how they stay in business other that their relationship with Ebay and I have stopped using Ebay because of the horrible service and Ebay customer service refusing to deal with the company. I would not be suprised if Ebay owns stock in Aramex.

    • aommaster says:

      It is actually very simple: they offer the lowest prices. I once had a look and compared services like FedEx, DHL, UPS and Aramex, and they had the lowest prices by a significant amount. I guess it is a perfect example of getting what one pays for.

  3. Cdr BS Rainu (Retd) says:

    My shipment No. 1762905605 arrived on 01 Oct morning and I got call from your office that shipment arrived on 01 Oct morning and will be delivered on 01 Oct 2017. It was not delivered on 01 Oct 2017. Today 02 Oct I again got call from Aramax confirming my address and was told that it will be delivered today but it is not delivered even today. How can such reputed courier services which charges premium can keep shipment in office and not delivered to recipient which is very near to office. It is damaging the reputation of Aramex and I would like to put my comment on blog. I called up your helpline but of no use other than saying that we are very sorry for delay. When I asked to give me contact details of Manager or in charge for Oman area I was told that they can not give any details. I think this is the best way to avoid customer complaints. I hope you will take action against all those involved in delaying delivery. I have also lodged complaint with helpline and my complaint number MCT/1017/2328. I am sure no action will be taken by Aramax Management

  4. ann says:

    they never answer the phone, it’s absolutely ridiculous. they can’t possibly be busy 24/7 because they don’t seem to be answering phones anyways. i’ve been trying to get a package delivered to me for 3 days now and everyday they tell me that they’ll ship it out tomorrow and it never does. so unprofessional.

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