Besiege: A Really Entertaining Siege Weapon-building Game

It’s quite surprising how destruction can be so entertaining at times! Besiege gives you that entertainment.

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Besiege is a physics-based building game, where your goal is to build a siege-weapon capable of achieving a certain target. Most of the time, this target is to destroy a specific building or kill a certain number of soldiers, but sometimes, you may have to to pick up a certain object.

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As you should expect, there is no correct solution for the stages in the game. You start off with a central block and are provided with a limitless supply of parts. What I particularly like about this game is that you don’t have a budget. There are no limitations as to how much you can spend, or how complex your design can be. This is quite different to other similar games. Either you are limited to what parts are available, or you are given a budget which you can spend on parts. In Besiege, you have all parts available to you right at the start, and you have no budget. Your solution can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Besiege Screenshot 2

There are a large number of parts available, all which can get your creative juices flowing. Parts range from basic steering (like wheels and steering columns) to weapons (like bombs, grenades, flamethrowers, and my personal favourite spinning blades) all the way to flying equipment (like wings and propellers). The number of solutions are endless, and your designs can be as crazy as you want them to be.

It is probably why I find the game so much fun. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and doesn’t expect you to either. It just wants you to have fun, something which a lot of games seem to have forgotten. Games are an entertainment medium, but due to the high competitiveness of some games, it can be quite easy to forget why they are being playing in the first place. Games like Besiege bring this concept back, which makes it quite refreshing.

Besiege Screenshot 3

The game has a lot of depth. As you can see from the screenshot above, most of the parts can be customized. In the case above, the grabber has a setting which allows you to set the way the grabber behaves, and the hotkey associated with it. More complex parts can have even more options. For example, the propeller has not only a hotkey or behaviour setting, but it also has propeller speed. The settings are extensive, but are simple to understand, making the game really easy to get into, even after taking a break for a while, which is what I did before writing this post.

Overall, Besiege is a really fun game if you’re a creative-type of person. You can spend many hours coming up with wacky designs. While the goals aren’t that difficult, especially if you have a creative edge, they should prove to be interesting enough to make people come up with some very clever solutions.

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