Big Pharma: Combining Spacial Planning with Algorithm Design

Big Pharma has been sitting as part of my Steam library for a while, now. Really glad I played it.

Big Pharma Logo

Big Pharma is a management game which puts you in charge of a pharmaceutical company. The goal is to produce medicines that cure a number of different diseases, while limiting their side effects.

You do this by putting together pieces of operations. It is very similar to SpaceChem, where you will need to first plan out an algorithm that gets you to where you want to be.

Big Pharma Screenshot 1

You can upgrade raw materials to cure different ailments once you meet certain conditions. All of this is very clearly shown in the user interface, which removes any need for memory-work.

While we are on the subject of the user interface, I’d like to talk a little more about it. This is one of the cleanest, most comprehensive, and easily navigatable user interfaces in a game I have ever played. All the data is readily available for you. It is very easy for you to get information that helps you in your decision-making process.

Big Pharma Screenshot 2

Also, the game has many progression trees throughout the course of a scenario. You can hire explorers to find new cures and catalysts, and you can recruit scientists to open up new unit operations while can make your production processes more efficient.

As you get deeper into the game, you can upgrade your cures to cure more complex diseases, given that you have access to the more advanced technologies.

Big Pharma Screenshot 3

And of course, want to play a custom game, with custom rules, all that is available to you as well. You can specify starting money, loans, available research as well as chances of random events.

If you’re a completely casual player, you can go into the free-play mode too, giving you access to all technologies, all cures, and infinite amounts of money so that you can just have fun playing the game.

Big Pharma Screenshot 4

Overall, Big Pharma is a great game. If you’re into games which require algorithm design (think SpaceChem or Infinifactory), this game won’t disappoint.

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