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The Importance of Little Details

It’s something that’s really obvious when you think about it. But sometimes, people do not pay attention to details, and it can cause more damage than they think.

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Fisheye Lens: A Surprisingly Useful Lens

Here’s a lens that I didn’t think that I’d be using very much during my vacation: the fisheye lens.

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My Glassworking Experience with Ray Youngs

Now that I’m back from the UK, I’d like to talk about what I did during the past week: I was learning glassworking.

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Stablehost: My Web Hosting Provider Change

After many, many years of hosting, I have finally switched to a paid web-host, called Stablehost.

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Site Revamp Complete!

So, after many, many hours of work, I have finally completed the revamp of my site. In this post, I’ll talk about the changes to the site and how I made them.

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Amazon Locker: A Perfect Solution for Tourists Buying Stuff Online in the US

How do you ship items to customers when they don’t have an address? Amazon has a solution, called the Amazon Locker.

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Masterchef US vs. Masterchef Australia: A Comparison

If you’ve been following my Trakt profile recently, you’ll notice that I’ve been binge-watching Masterchef Australia, and for good reason.

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Wildlife Photography is Hard!

Here’s something I learnt very quickly during my zoo visits in the US: wildlife photography is really hard!

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My First Experience with Git

Believe it or not, this was my first time using Git. I wanted to talk about my experiences with it.

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On Negative Fractional Exponents and Roots

This question about roots came in, and I wanted to feature it here as the first post in this category, because it touches on my favourite branch of math: Complex Analysis.

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