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Supergirl Season 3 End of Season Opinions

Being a huge Supergirl fan, I couldn’t help not doing an opinion piece!

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The End of Collection and YouTube Spotlights

I can’t believe this blog is almost four years old. It’s come a long way, and now, I have to announce the end of the Collection and YouTube spotlight.

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How to Find the First and Last Digit of a Number

You’ll normally see these kinds of digit questions on math olympiad papers. It’s a cool trick to know, but parts of it will require a calculator.

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My Impressions on the Supergirl Comics

As a huge Supergirl fan, it might be surprising to some that I have not read the Supergirl comics… until now!

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Glassworking Workspace: Done!

My workspace for glassworking has been set up!

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My Getaway at Qasr Al Sarab

I recently went to Qasr Al Sarab, a desert resort here in Abu Dhabi. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I ended up happy.

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The Importance of Little Details

It’s something that’s really obvious when you think about it. But sometimes, people do not pay attention to details, and it can cause more damage than they think.

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Crisis on Earth X Crossover: Superheroes vs. Nazis!

I did a review post for the Invasion crossover, so I figured I’d do one for the Crisis on Earth X crossover too.

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Fisheye Lens: A Surprisingly Useful Lens

Here’s a lens that I didn’t think that I’d be using very much during my vacation: the fisheye lens.

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My Glassworking Experience with Ray Youngs

Now that I’m back from the UK, I’d like to talk about what I did during the past week: I was learning glassworking.

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