Crisis on Earth X Crossover: Superheroes vs. Nazis!

I did a review post for the Invasion crossover, so I figured I’d do one for the Crisis on Earth X crossover too.

As is normal with these reviews, there will be spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the crossover and intend on doing so, you might want to stop reading.

The crossover takes place on the “main” Arrowverse Earth, and uses Barry and Iris’s wedding as a precursor to the plot. During the wedding, Nazi’s from another Earth (Earth X) invade in the Crisis crossover and try to capture Supergirl as they need her heart for a transplant with Overgirl. They were led by the doppelgangers of Supergirl and the Green Arrow, along with Thon.

Kara Singing Crisis on Earth X

We are treated to some singing by Melissa Benoist, who sang Running Home to You. Everytime she sings, I feel like I have forgotten how good of a singer she was. This time was no different. While the clip was fairly short, it was definitely a nice to watch, and was a lovely touch to the plot. It didn’t change the plot, but it was something for her fans, which I really appreciated.

Also, can I take this moment to say that the dress she wore during the party looked also really nice?

While the plot was pretty standard, the fight scenes were great. The plot was complex enough with multiple running storylines, the biggest shock in the Crisis crossover was the death of Martin Stein, a character loved by many. I believe this is because the actor wanted to move on from the series. The scenes were emotional, well-shot and the actors played their roles well.

However, the breakout performance was that of Melissa Benoist. When comparing doppelgangers, the difference between Oliver and his counterpart are minute. But for Kara, you genuinely believe that there are two different people. Everything for how she moves to how she talks, to her facial expressions.


And if you could only watch one scene in the entire Crisis crossover, it would have to be the Overgirl/Supergirl scene. The scene lasts for about two-and-a-half minutes and is a conversation between Overgirl and Kara (after she is captured). The scene resonates with a clash of ideals and personalities. But you have to remember: that scene is just Melissa. Her ability to mold herself into into two characters on opposite sides of a spectrum is a testament to her talent. That whole scene has just one person in it. Yet, they seem like two entirely different people.

I enjoyed the crossover a lot. My previous complaint that the crossover did not cover the Supergirl episode was addressed and this was, indeed, a true 4-way crossover. However I do have a new complaint: Felicity.

I never realized how much I hate that character until the end of the series, where she literally interrupts Barry and Iris’s vows so she could marry Oliver. It was such a selfish and distasteful act by her that my views on her literally went a full 180. She is now one of my most disliked characters in the Arrowverse.

But that is my only complaint. I really enjoyed the Crisis crossover. Melissa’s acting was spectacular. A true breakout performance that highlights her talent. Her singing was also a treat to watch and hear. I want to see more!

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