The Importance of Little Details

It’s something that’s really obvious when you think about it. But sometimes, people do not pay attention to details, and it can cause more damage than they think.


During my recent trip the UK for a glassworking class, I stayed at the Premier Inn. It was a hotel that I happened to find out of sheer luck because it wasn’t listed on, a website which I normally use to book hotel rooms when I travel.

But my experience with the Premier Inn was not only a positive one. It also opened by eyes to how important of a role little details can play when it comes people’s experiences. This experience made me think back to my other stays at other hotels and what I thought about them. And they all had a very common denominator. What separated a good stay from a great one was the attention to little details. And this is what I want to talk about today.

When I first walked into the Premier Inn, the receptionist greeted me with “Ah! You must be Mr. Abdulla! You’re in for the long haul, aren’t you?”. This instantly took me by surprise. Not only did the receptionist know me by name, but she also knew that I was staying for a long time. Now, this might not be unexpected as people normally stay at this place for a night or two. A booking of 10 nights would have definitely been unexpected. But just that interaction set the tone for the rest of the stay. It portrayed a positive image for the hotel.

As I walked down the corridor, I noticed the following notice posted on one of the fire doors.

Again, this might be such a small thing, but it really isn’t. A notice like this shows that the hotel does care about the customer experience. They want customers to have a good night’s sleep, and putting something like this up serves as a reminder to everyone to be considerate to other guests.

But the walk to my room wasn’t the only thing that made this experience a positive one. I noticed the “Do Not Disturb” sign:

It’s a nice touch and adds a little more of a personal feel to the whole experience. Again, it’s a small thing, but it goes a long way. I also noticed this wrapped around my pillow:

I do not know why, but I got pretty excited to get to bed after reading that label. And let me tell you, right now, that they were not wrong. I don’t think I’ve had a better night’s sleep in the past few years. It might have been the bed. It might have been the ambience. Or it might have been the whole experience. Regardless, the hotel did what they promised to do – give me a good night’s sleep.

This experience that I had just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to provide someone with a positive experience. It’s the little things that count. And many little things can go on to make a big difference. I’ve heard the following quote on Masterchef Australia, but I think it fits this perfectly:

Perfection is a lot of little things, done right. – Marco Pierre White

I don’t think I could say anything else to sum it up better. What the hotel did wasn’t a big thing. It was just the little things. They put out a sign explaining the importance of quietness in the place. They hyped up the awesomeness of their bed and pillow. All these little things added up and in the end, I got a fantastic experience.

So have you had any similar experiences before? Let me know in the comments!

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