YouTube Spotlight: Kyle Landry

Piano music has always been my favourite type of music. So understandably, I was ecstatic when I stumbled across Kyle Landry.

Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry is a very talented pianist. He does rearrangements and covers of various songs from anime series and video games. Sometimes, creates original music too, or does his own interpretations of famous musical pieces.

He does sometimes stream his performances live on Twitch. He also has his own website where you can buy sheet music of his songs. You can also buy some of the very many pieces of music he has released.

His videos do not look professional at all. In fact, it’s usually a webcam video of him playing his piano in his room. But that doesn’t really matter, as what you’re looking for in the videos is the quality of the music.

One of my favourite type of content he releases is interpretations of Pachelbel’s Canon. My favourite of these is Pachelbel’s Canon Extreme, because it shows you how much you can change a song while still keeping its essence the same.

Kyle puts out a video once every week or so. He produces high-quality content.

There’s a lot of piano music on his channel, and I’m pretty sure you might find a few songs that you’d like too!

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