YouTube Spotlight: Vlogbrothers

I think that this is the only video blog (vlog) that I actually follow. It’s a bit of a hit-and-miss at times, but there is some interesting content on Vlogbrothers.

Vlogbrothers Logo

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My Thoughts On… The Importance of English

My recent trip the Germany has further solidified to me how important English is as a language.

English Language

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The Separator in Number Systems

Here’s something that has started ticking me off ever since I’ve started using Paypal more often. The separator in number systems. Namely: the decimal and the comma.

Number System Separator

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Poly Bridge: How to Build (Mostly) Stable Bridges

Ever since I heard about Poly Bridge, I knew it would be great. I finally got round to buying and playing it. I was certainly not disappointed.

Poly Bridge

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Collection Spotlight: Penrose Tiles

Penrose Tilings look somewhat like a mosaic, but are mathematically so much cooler!

Penrose Tiles

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Random Restaurant Review: Maredo Steakhouse, Munich

In Munich, I decided to try out some steak. Maredo had some good reviews, so I decided to try it out.

Maredo Logo

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YouTube Spotlight: Emma Heesters

She has one of the most stunning voices of any singer I’ve heard on Youtube. I’d like to feature Emma Heesters‘ channel on my Youtube spotlight this month.Emma Heesters Logo

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Big Pharma: Combining Spacial Planning with Algorithm Design

Big Pharma has been sitting as part of my Steam library for a while, now. Really glad I played it.

Big Pharma Logo

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My Glassworking Experience with Ray Youngs

Now that I’m back from the UK, I’d like to talk about what I did during the past week: I was learning glassworking.


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Stablehost: My Web Hosting Provider Change

After many, many years of hosting, I have finally switched to a paid web-host, called Stablehost.

Stablehost Logo

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