PCPartPicker: Building Your PC Has Never Been This Easy

If you’re ever looking to build your own PC, PCPartPicker is a great site to help you out

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In a previous post, I talked about the pros and cons of building your own gaming PC. In there, I mentioned PCPartPicker, but I never really got to talk about it in depth. Well, here’s my chance.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t simply buy any set of PC components and put them together to make your own gaming rig. Some parts are simply not compatible with others. They will either not fit, or could get damaged if you tried to connect them together. For example, motherboards have a socket in which you’d place the CPU in. There are a large number of different socket types, for different processors and even difference processor architectures. Figuring all of this out to make sure your components are compatible is not particularly difficult. However it does take a long time to get the compatibility down.

PCPartPicker solves this problem for you by allowing you to only select and add components that work with each other. The general order for doing a build is as follows:
Pick a CPU that you’d like to use
Then, pick a motherboard that works with the CPU you selected
Next, pick the RAM
Then,pick the Graphics card
Finally, add all other parts as required

PCPartPicker basically follows a similar workflow. With each step, it will ask you to add a component, which takes you to a different page, where you can search, filter and sort them based on various criteria. These criteria can range from technical specifications to user reviews and price.

During each step of the process, there is a compatibility checker that will make sure that all components that are displayed to you as potential options are actually compatible with your current set of selections. For example, if you were to select a CPU with a particular socket and are in the process of selecting a motherboard, only motherboards that support your CPU’s particular socket will be displayed to you, eliminating any possibility that you’d select a motherboard that would not work with your processor.

Additionally, PCPartPicker also shows you the price, offers and various retailers that sell each individual part that you have selected. It’s provides great visual information that displays the price history of your entire build over time. It even displays your estimated power usage in Watts of the build. Note that power usages are only there to provide estimates when selected a power supply.

Finally, once you have a build, you can share it with anyone by using the permalink (which will take people directly to the PCPartPicker page with the build information). If you post on other websites, you can export the list parsed into a particular format (such as Reddit, BBCode, etc.).

PCPartPicker is great for both, beginners and experts looking for their next PC build. It helps you plan your build based on your budget, and allows for easy exporting for the information to show others to get advice or just show off. I highly recommend the site!

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