My Recent Khan Academy Activity Spike

I’ve mentioned Khan Academy before. Now, I want to talk about it again.

Strong Brain

If you haven’t heard of Khan Academy, I highly encourage you to read my first post on it. In short, it is a site which aims to teach math, among other subjects from kindergarten all the way up to university.

Over the past couple of months, I have been spending a significant amount of time on Khan Academy. I mostly spent my time solving practice excercises to brush up on my math. Indeed, I found that I have forgotten a lot of math that I have learnt, and wanted to relearn some of it.

I have also ended up unlocking one of the hardest badge to unlock on the site: the Tesla badge. It requires a total of 10 million points. Really proud moment for me, especially considering that I was able to unlock it in a month.

Khan Academy Tesla Badge

But there has been another side effect to my increased activity on the site. I found that I enjoyed answering people’s questions on math. In fact, I have always enjoyed teaching. Many people have told me I have a talent when it comes to teaching math. I found that I was able to find a little more fulfillment on the site by also teaching math to people that wanted to learn.

And here, comes the point of this post. Many people think that teaching is a one-way process. They think that teaching passes knowledge on from one person to another (when done right, at least). However, I see teaching as a great learning opportunity. While you definitely will be getting questions that you’ve heard countless times, you will sometimes be asked a question that really makes you think. I have ended up learning a few interesting things on subjects that I thought I knew pretty well.

As a result, I wanted to feature those questions, with my responses as posted from Khan Academy along with a little extra explanation and tid-bits to engage the curious. These will be math-related and will require a certain degree of mathematical finesse on behalf of the reader.

Additionally, because math comes with some very interesting squiggly symbols of its own, I have decided to install a MathJax plugin to this blog, which will allow me to post mathematical equations that can get rendered. So I can post stuff like this:

\({\scr L}\{t^n e^{at}\} = \frac{n!}{(s-a)^{n+1}}\)

Also, due to this new plugin, I had to go back and revamp some posts which contain mathematical equations which I had originally typesetted in LaTeX and rendered to PNG. For example, this post is now done with MathJax. Looks almost the same, but the big difference is that I can correct equations now in an instant, something that I couldn’t do earlier.

I’ll be posting these questions under a new category. Keep watching!

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