SC2Casts: A Good Reason Why I Use Ad-Block

It looks like a battle between Ad-blockers and people trying to create anti-ad-blocking sites like SC2Casts!

SC2Casts Logo

There’s no doubt that extreme amounts of ad-blocking can have negative impacts on websites and other content that could be regarded as “free”. I don’t want to delve into the details here, but if you are interested, have a look at an older blog post I made here. As a result of the more widespread use of ad-blocking, many site creators put banners up, explaining to the user that they understand why they are using an ad-blocker, and a polite request to whitelist their site to keep the site running. I’m perfectly fine with that, and usually whitelist that domain as long as the ads are non-intrusive.

However, a site that I frequently visit seems to have taken it a bit too far, SC2Casts. I was browsing the site on a PC I had just installed Adblock Plus on. This meant that my custom filters and whitelists were not migrated (and hence, SC2Casts was no longer on the whitelist). When you visit the site with an ad-blocker turned on, it gives you this message. Not only on the home page, but on every single page on the site.

SC2Casts Popup

It is very obnoxious, and very irritating. Also notice the 5-second timer they have put on the page. Having a look at the page’s source, I see that it is actually a PHP page. I’m guessing it is what the site owner uses to track how many people have ad-blockers turned on when they visit the site.

My first response was “Is there a premium membership I can buy to support the site, as well as turn off the ads?”. Answer was “Yes”. I checked the price of said premium service and to my surprise, it was absurdly priced. At roughly $2 per month or $100 for a lifetime membership, the premium was simply not worth it.

Let me make it crystal-clear. I’m all for supporting content creators. I have supported several YouTube content creators on Patreon. Why? Because I feel like the content they create is worth spending money on. SC2Casts Premium membership is simply not worth the money. The site does not require a high bandwidth. All videos are simply Youtube embeds (all links go to Youtube directly). All you’re paying for is time that someone spends each day to update the games played, and the yearly domain registration fees. I don’t use the site nearly enough to justify the purchase. As said earlier, I did have ads enabled on the site. However, when I see developers resort to really scummy ways of forcing people to enable ads/buy premium, I lose all respect for them.

So what was my response? Simple. I just disabled JavaScript and removed SC2Casts from all the whitelists on my other PC’s. I no longer get those annoying popups and I get to browse the site in peace. Of course, some of the site functionality also goes away, but I turn Javascript on temporarily if I require said functionality.

Rule for me is simple: If you want my support, make a good product (which SC2Casts is). But also price it right (which SC2Casts is not). Trying to rip me off, or even worse, irritate me into buying your product will lead to one of two things:

  • I won’t come back
  • I’ll find a way to bypass your annoying popups, which is what I did

Besides, SC2Casts isn’t anything special. It’s a very simple site, and with a little coding know-how, anyone could replicate its design. The only thing it has going for it is the community, which helps with up-voting and down-voting videos, which adds to the tally of top videos of the day/month/year, etc.

As for now, I’ll keep my ad-blocker running, and javascript disabled on SC2Casts. I will occasionally keep checking to see if there have been any improvements, but for now, the ad-blocking will hold.

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2 Responses to SC2Casts: A Good Reason Why I Use Ad-Block

  1. gilby gilbert says:

    yeah sc2casts is horrible. i’m getting nonstop ads for fucking arbys right now. non-stop, and during games.

    this guy is worse than any kind of terrorist if you ask me tbh

    • aommaster says:

      I actually managed to snag a deal when he offered a 50% off forever on a recurring subscription (as I thought the price was fair), but yes, it does not excuse the malicious practices on the site.

      If you have Tampermonkey, try the following script. I’ve used it fairly successfully:
      var script = document.createElement(‘script’);
      script.src = “”;


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