The Room 2: More Puzzle Box Solving Goodness

If you’ve ever played The Room, you’ll know what to expect from The Room 2. More of the awesomeness.

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The Room 2 is a sequel to The Room, a game which I thoroughly enjoyed playing a while back. If you haven’t already, you can check out my review here, which talks about the core mechanics of the game, what the game is about and what kind of puzzles you are expected to solve.

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Moving on from that review, you can pretty much expect the same thing in this game as well. The puzzles are fun to solve and well-designed. They require careful attention to details that will end up guiding you on how to solve the puzzles.

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The minor difference between this game and the list was the emphasis on the room itself. And it is because of this, I enjoyed this game more. While in the first game, you’re normally trying to solve either a box or a table, this game requires you to interact with objects around the room a little bit more. Yes, the features you will interact with are still in a particular place or within an object. You might interact with a ship or a trunk. However adding that extra area of interactive elements does seem to increase the depth of the game to a whole new level.

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Other than that, there is nothing really else to say. If you enjoyed the first game, you’ll definitely enjoy the second one. It provides you with the same puzzle-solving experience as the first, just with a little more depth.

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