Magic Videos

Herman the MouseBelow, you can find links to my performance videos on YouTube. These videos are marked as hidden so they are not searchable directly on YouTube. The only access to the videos are through these links. If you would like to spread the word, the easiest way would be to provide a link to my site.

Also, please pardon the lack of professionality of these videos. They are all shot at my home so there may be some background noise.

Many thanks to my friends for encouraging me to put and continue putting these videos up. And many thanks to my sister for having the patience to sit through repeated performances until a perfect take was made!

Bannon Triumph, The - John Bannon
Hole Sensations - JB Magic
Printing on Demand - David Solomon
Shades of Hofzinser - Benjamin Earl
Tagged - Richard Sanders
Technicolor Thunder - David Solomon, John Bannon, Simon Aronson

I have thousands of hours of performance experience. I still do perform magic occasionaly, but now, it is mostly at work, during special events and celebrations. You can check out a gallery here.