Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Action Comics 252 Statue

As with all things, we must start at the beginning. I’d like to spotlight the Action Comics 252 Statue today.

Action Comics 252 Statue

The statue was made in 2001 and was sculpted by Tim Bruckner. Tim has also sculpted a number of other statues for various comic book heroes. The statue is based on Action Comics 252, which highlights the first appearance of Supergirl. The comic book was released in May 1959 (yes, that long ago!). This is what the cover looks like:

Action Comics 252 Cover

I think the first thing that you notice about the statue is the expression on Superman’s face. The artist captured the expression of surprise perfectly:

Superman Expression

However, while the artist did a good job on Superman, I was not too happy with how Supergirl looks. I think the artist could have done a bit of a better job on the face. The face is always one of the hardest parts of a statue or a figure to sculpt. And I think the artist might have stumbled on this one:

Action Comics 252 Statue Supergirl

However, the rest of the statue is just incredible. The amount of attention to detail is great. For example, all the damage to the rocket. Notice how the bends and creases in the metal looks:

Rocket Damage

And if you look a little closer, there are even beltsĀ inside the rocket. That totally blew my mind when I saw that. I really love the level of detail in the statue:

Rocket Belts

And of course, the grass also has texture and looks very natural:

Action Comics 252 Statue Grass

The statue really does look great. Especially when put with the rest of my Supergirl collection. However, I believe its greatest value comes from its tribute to Supergirl’s origin story, which is why I bought the statue in the first place.

Lastly, the statue also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Here’s a picture of it:

Action Comics 252 Statue Certificate


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