Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Adam Ross DCTV Supergirl Statue

Today, I’ll be spotlighting the DCTV Supergirl statue by Adam Ross.

Adam Ross Statue

When the statue was first announced, I knew it was one that I wanted. The statue initially looked different. The face looked different, and personally, I think it looked worse:

Old Adam Ross Supergirl Statue

But that was not the only issue with the statue. The statue’s original release date was somewhere in June 2016. This was then pushed to July, then August, then October. It finally released in June 2017! But the late release date also came with a better face sculpt:

Adam Ross Supergirl Statue Face

The face looks a lot like Melissa Benoist, the actress who plays Supergirl in the TV series. While the face sculpt is not perfect. It’s pretty close.

The texture of her hair adds to how organic the statue is. Additionally, it the use of color on her hair makes it look very much like Melissa’s hair in the show.

Adam Ross Supergirl Hair

The piping on the leotard she wears is also spot on. Both, the style of piping, the positioning and the pattern are perfect. Additionally, the entire body is purely a resin sculpt. The creases and wrinkles on the suit are part of the solid sculpt, which is incredible:

Adam Ross Supergirl Piping

I just love the level of detail for this figure. Here’s probably my favourite part of the entire statue. Her skirt is textured with the glyphs of the house of El, exactly like on the TV show (a little fact that very few people know).

Adam Ross Supergirl Skirt

Even the texture and design of her boots are spot on:

Adam Ross Supergirl Boots

The base also looks fantastic. Here’s another angle to show the coat of arms on the base plate. The fact that it is not printed on just adds so much texture to the statue. It shows that the designers actually care about giving the statue a quality-look.

Adam Ross Supergirl Base

However, there is one thing that I do not like about the statue: the cape. The cloth cape has wires down the edges to allow you to pose it as you wish. I think that adding a simple piece of cloth to a really good-looking statue takes away from the quality look the designers were going for.

You can see part of the issue in this photo:

Adam Ross Supergirl Cape

While the cloth is not extremely thin, it is not completely thick either. If you have a bright background, you’ll see a little light pass through the cape. I would prefer a cape made out of another material. Perhaps a synthetic leather, to match the cape on the show. Additionally, a little more texture on the cape would be great. The cape on the show has a pattern on the back. This is not present on this statue.

However, I think the designers did a great job overall on the statue. It is one of the better-looking statues in my collection. The attention to detail, the likeness of the actress, everything is really good with this statue.

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