YouTube Spotlight: Agadmator’s Chess Channel

Watch some professional chess game analysis on Agadmator’s Chess Channel.

Agamator Logo

This Youtube spotlight is a bit of a throwback to a past hobby of mine: chess. Recently, I stumbled across this channel by accident. However, after clicking a few videos, I found that I enjoyed the content, and wanted to spotlight this channel.

Agadmator is the username of Antonio Radić, the person who hosts this channel.  On this channel he analysis games played by grandmasters. However, what I enjoy about his channel is the “what-if” scenarios he poses to viewers as challenges to solve. For example, he’ll say “moving this pawn is a blunder. Can you see why?”. He then asks the viewer to pause the video and try to solve the puzzle. He then goes on an explains the solution.

Agadmator produces a couple of videos a day, which is a fair jump higher than the previous channels I have covered. But I do enjoy chess and have recently started to pick it up again. This is why I wanted to spotlight the channel.

If you are interested in seeing some analysis of some great chess games while also improving your own skill, this channel is one to consider adding to your subscriptions list.


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