Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette

This Superman-Batman Apocalypse maquette is one of the more delicate statues I have. It’s not difficult to see why.

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette

The Superman-Batman Apocalypse maquette came as part of a bundle with the DC Animated Original movie of the same name. It’s a pretty good movie, if you haven’t watched it. It features an alternate interpretation of Kara’s origin story, which was really nice.

The statue was sculpted by Phil Ramirez and released in 2010 alongside the movie. A total of 2500 statues were made. The statue is sculpted out of porcelain. But not many survived. You’ll see why.

Even without looking at the statue in detail, you can probably guess what happened. But let’s look at the statue in detail. What I love about the statue is the intricacy of the sculpt.

One of the most important things I look at when buying statues is the face. The face can make or break a statue. Have a perfect sculpt but with a face painted badly, and it can ruin the entire thing. Here’s a closeup of the face:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Face

A really lovely face, and the extra touch of her hair flowing the left side of her face looks perfect. In fact this looks exactly like the Kara in the movie. Here’s a photo of the movie Kara for reference:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Movie Kara

The amount of detail that the artist has put into the statue is mind-boggling. Here’s a close-up of her hand:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Hand

And here’s a picture of the back of her hair:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Hair

What I particularly like about the statue is how organic it looks. Here’s a picture of the cape:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Cape

The folds on the cape really bring the maquette to life.

Each statue has a number. Here’s a photo of the bottom of the base of the statue:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Base

The maquette also comes with a little card that shows the statue number:

Superman-Batman Apocalypse Maquette Card

I think the pictures show enough of the statue for you to guess why there are very few in existence. Most of the statues broke during transport. What made the situation worse was that the producer allocated most of those statues. Allocated statues are basically those that get shipped in a large batch to just one location, rather than individual buyers. A lot of these statues suffered damage, because they really are easy to break.

It is a bit unfortunate, but I’m lucky enough to have a (near) perfect statue. The text at the bottom of the base has worn out a little bit and “movie” reads “mo”. A strand of hair broke off at some point in the past as well by the previous owner. In fact, I never noticed it until I was photographing the statue for this post!

But I do like the statue. It looks great, and pays tribute to a really nice Supergirl origin story.

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