YouTube Spotlight: Applied Science

You can watch some cool science experiments with detailed explanations on Applied Science.

Applied Science Logo

Applied Science is a channel hosted by Ben Krasnow who carries out science experiments in his garage. This channel is very similar to Grant Thompson’s channel. However, there are a few differences between the channels that I would like to highlight.

Unlike Grant’s channel, the channel focuses on science enthusiasts. As such you may find the channel to be a little bit dull. Do not expect explosions, sparks and violent chemical reactions. What you should expect is high-quality experiments. Ben documents his process in extreme detail. He also explains the theory behind the decisions he makes during the design of these experiments.

One of Ben’s more popular projects is a Scanning Electron Microscope that he was able to build by himself. He shares the design and also shares where he got the materials from.

Applied Science is a great channel, although might be a little too in-depth for some people. If you are a casual science enthusiast, perhaps this channel might not be right for you. However, if you are a more keen individual, this channel definitely will have some content you’d like.

Ben releases a video fairly infrequently, but there is some cool stuff to watch when it comes out. The channel is worth subscribing to. Check it out!

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