“Busy ness” and How Misleading That Statement Actually Is

Let me talk about a phrase that irritates me to no end “I’m busy”.


It seems fairly harmless at first. But that phrase really started to get on my nerves after I got a real job. This is because I realised how much of a lie it is. I find the “I’m busy” statement to be synonymous with “I’m lazy and inefficient” and here’s why.

It all started when I tried to get in touch with someone online. You’d think that in a world that is so interconnected, that getting in touch with someone would be relatively simple. So I asked around about said person’s contact information. They told me that this person was “really busy”.  They would probably not have the time to respond to my email, which happened. This was even considering the fact that the email I had sent was short, to the point and would have taken no more than 60 seconds to reply to.

Seriously, there are very few people on the planet that are so busy that they cannot spare 60 seconds to reply to an email. Most of the time, it is pure laziness. Sure, people might not have time at a particular moment. But being busy an entire week and not having the time to spare 60 seconds, I find incredibly hard to believe.

In a world where everyone is so well connected, if you’re willing to put yourself out there, I expect at least some kind of response when I send an email. The “I’m busy” excuse does not work for me. Those that do not respond to an email under that excuse, I have very little respect for. Because no, you’re not busy. You’re just lazy and you need to learn to manage your time better and work more efficiently.

I have never told anyone that I am “busy” and I do not have the time to spare for them. If someone approached me at an inappropriate time, I’d let them know when would be a better time for me. Likewise, if someone approached me and asked to do something that was not my responsibility (e.g. at work), I’d direct them to someone that I believe would be able to help them.

Regardless, I never ignore people. It’s rude, simple as that. When I see PR departments and customer service hotlines ignore emails, it just speaks to the kind of people that work there. In fact, it’s interesting as to how many companies have lost my business just because they ignored my email. In fact, I’d particularly go out of my way to make sure that I do not do business with those companies in any way. It might seem petty, but perhaps if more people did this, businesses would stop treating their customers badly.

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