Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Cartoon Celebrities Coins

These coins were something I came across some time ago. Unfortunately, not too much information to share this time.

Cartoon Celebrities Coins

There is actually very little information I could fine on these coins, possibly because they are quite old. From what I could gather, they came out in 1983, making them one of the oldest objects in my Supergirl collection.

The front of the coins features my favourite superhero, with her name on the bottom of the coin.Cartoon Celebrities Coins Front

There are a total of three coins: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Gold coin is 24K gold-plated, for obvious reasons. Apparently, the gold coin is also the rarest of them all. I’m not sure whether the manufacturer produced them in equal quantities or if it was intentionally made that way.

Cartoon Celebrities Coins Back

The back of the coins say “Made in USA by AMC”.

As you can probably see from the pictures, the bronze coin is a little tarnished, but that is how I received the coin when I bought it. At some point, I might get round to cleaning it carefully. However, I’d like to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in any way, which is why I was somewhat holding off on the cleaning.

And that’s pretty much all the information I could find. There doesn’t seem to be any information available as to when exactly these coins were released, for what purpose, or where they originated from.

Perhaps it’s all lost to time. But if anyone reading this has information on them, please do let me know in the comments! I’m very interested in hearing what you have to say.

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