Cities: Skylines – Snowfall: A Snowy Addition to a Great Game

I only recently just played the latest Cities: Skylines DLC (Snowfall) after it was on sale. Now, onto my thoughts on it.

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Cities: Skylines Snowfall is the latest DLC in one of my favourite games ever, Cities: Skylines. The DLC adds a weather cycle on some maps (not all), which means your citizens will require you to provide them with heating, if you don’t intend on them using electricity to heat their houses. This can be done by building either a boiler facility or a geothermal plant, and laying down some special piping that can carry hot water around the city.

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In addition to the newly-added weather cycles, you can now also build a tram station and have trams as part of your public transportation system. In order to use these trams, you will require special roads which dedicated tram rails so that the trams can run. Cities Skylines fan had requested this feature, which the developers have now implemented in the DLC.

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There are a few other changes as well, such as the addition of snow plows. During the Winter season, your roads will freeze over and will require snow plows to keep them operational. But that’s pretty much it as far as the DLC is concerned.

If you are thinking that the DLC is lacking, you’re not the only one. The DLC did not get rave reviews (unlike the After Dark DLC). While the Winter season has its own cozy feel, I feel the content is somewhat lacking. I’m still giving this a thumbs up, but not a strong thumbs up. I don’t believe the DLC is worth the $13 asking price. But if you are able to see it on sale for 50% off, it’s definitely a DLC worth picking up. It adds an extra dimension of complexity and realism to the game, which is what the game is all about.

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