YouTube Spotlight: Crash Course

I’d like to feature a channel I feel would be very helpful for students: Crash Course.

Crash Course Logo

I remember that during my time at school, preparing for exams was particularly difficult. I found it very difficult to find summaries to topics I covered. Brushing through everything that I had learnt throughout the year was quite difficult.

Crash Course is a YouTube channel that aims to condense what has been covered in various subjects to span across a set of videos. They summarize key ideas and important concepts through great visuals. The hosts are great, and vary from one subject to another.

What I like about Crash Course is that it has allowed me to learn about different subjects that I never got the chance to learn during my time at school. This is because I had a limited number of electives. I had to focus on a science-oriented stream if I wanted to go into engineering. While these videos are not a replacement for formal education, they’re great if you’re looking for a recap on what you have learnt and even better if you’re just curious about the subject matter.

The videos at Crash Course are informative, with great illustrations and hosts. They organize and lay out ideas in an easy-to-follow manner. It’s a channel definitely worth taking a look at.

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