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I recently finished watching all the DC Animated movies. While I won’t be reviewing each one, I will talk about them in general.

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I actually didn’t even know so many movies existed. As of the time of this post, there are a total of 32 movies in existence, with several more along the way. While some movies feature a single character (e.g. Superman), others feature a whole slew of characters, ranging from Wonder Woman to lesser-popular characters like Bane.

If you are a DC comics fan, I think these movies are definitely worth a watch. While I have not read a lot of the comics, I believe they portray the stories in the comics. What’s more is during several movies, they played music that I actually enjoyed. Some of the movies also had some great humour. But don’t let these “cartoons” fool you. It’s probably not recommended to watch them around kids. There is graphic violence and some sexual-related content in them. I guess the only thing left for me to do is to recommend which ones I enjoyed.

The first Green Lantern movie (First Flight) was pretty good. Batman The Dark Knight Returns was also a good movie. It’s actually very difficult to decide which one was my favourite. Probably Superman/Batman Apocalypse, because of the unique portrayal of Supergirl’s origin story.

So, which ones did I dislike? Definitely at the bottom of my favourites list was Batman Gotham Knight. It had terrible and inconsistent art-style. The story was detached, and it seemed that the movie was made up of more like four (if I recall correctly) individual shorts, each with different art styles.

Next up that list was All Star Superman. It did fine in the art department, but again, it had a really detached, inconsistent story. It actually felt like three or four different Superman stories crammed into one movie. The movie felt a little rushed to me.

Lastly, I didn’t particularly enjoy Batman Gotham by Gaslight. However, these was not due to the story or the art style. The movie portrays a Victorian-era Batman. It was just not my style of story.

But other than that, the movies were all pretty good and definitely worth a watch. Just a little heads up, there’s very little continuity between the movies. There are several movies, featuring the same characters that portray different stories and different timelines. Keeping up with that can get a little tricky.

Overall, they’re definitely worth a watch. Especially if you are a DC comics fan.

So, have you watched any of the DC Animated movies? What are your thoughts on them? Which one is your favourite? Which one’s your least favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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