Invasion Crossover: Superheroes Galore!

Now that I’ve watched the DCTV Invasion Crossover, I wanted to talk a little bit about it.

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Right off the bat, there will be minor spoilers regarding the layout of the plots involved in the Invasion crossover. So, if you haven’t watched the crossovers and intend on doing so, then perhaps this post’s category should suffice until you are done.

This is the second time that Supergirl has made television history. Last year, two separate networks shot a crossover episode. This was the first in television history. This was the Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode. This year, the network did a whopping four-way crossover. This was of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

I had mixed feelings after watching the episodes. First off, they advertised crossover as a four-episode crossover, starting with Supergirl, which wasn’t the case. The Flash appears at the very end of the Supergirl episode (which had nothing to do with the crossover). You could even skip that scene, because they showed it in the Flash episode.

Another issue I had with the crossover set was the Arrow episode. There was very little involvement of the other superheroes in that episode, as it mostly revolved around Oliver Queen. Albeit, what little involvement Supergirl had in that episode was awesome (the Supergirl/Flash tag-team scene was a treat to watch), she only had a few minutes of actual screen-time during that episode.

But something like that was to be expected. A four-way Invasion crossover is a massive project. I cannot even begin to imagine how they scheduled the actors. They has to essentially shoot the equivalent for four episodes in the time it would take to do a single episode. So, they had to juggle the actors around as they shot different scenes. It must have been a pure logistical nightmare. But the quality of the crossover episode just shows how much dedication and commitment the entire cast had towards doing the best with what they had.

There were many great scenes in the Invasion crossover too. The fight scenes where all the heroes team up to repel the Dominator attacks were great. It was very well choreographed, with great special effects. Mick’s conversations with Supergirl (and her reactions) were particularly fun to watch. The chemistry between Supergirl and Flash was great.

But what I enjoyed most about the episodes was how quickly they integrated Supergirl into the team. Prior to this, the only person that was even aware of Supergirl’s existence was The Flash. But the writing crews were able to integrate her in a key role in the crossover episodes, which was great. What was even better was how the writers solved the multiverse problem that CBS created. They gave Supergirl a device that would allow her to communicate and move between the worlds. The final goodbyes were also great. I particularly liked how they captured how even Oliver Queen couldn’t help but warm up to Kara.

4-way Invasion Crossover

While I do wish I got to see more of Supergirl during the episodes (I absolutely love her), I am well aware of the limitations of shooting such a crossover. I found this crossover episode to be mostly catering to the high demand of fans in seeing such an event. However, in the future, perhaps a four-way crossover set done once a season would be a good touch. But I’d definitely like to see some more individual crossover episodes. I’d like to see a little bit more character interaction between Supergirl and the others. Particularly, Supergirl and Mick (those scenes were priceless in the crossover) and Supergirl and the White Canary (I think there’s a lot of potential for some great dialog and humour in that).

Overall, despite the few wrinkles (which were perfectly justified, given the limitations), the episodes were a real treat to watch. I was on my work rotation during this week, which meant that I had to wait until the end of the day to watch the episode. That was torture. It was really painful, despite it helping me getting through my week. The cast have done a fantastic job (as always) in capturing the essence of the characters they play. With nice fight scenes, fairly decent CGI and some great dialog, it is a crossover event that I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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