Why I Dislike Parodies

I’d like to share a lesser-known fact about me: I don’t like parodies at all.


There are many different types of parodies out there, and I think that it’s important to first define what I mean. There are certain forms of media that can be classified as parodies that I do enjoy. For example, a cartoon that pokes fun of a video game by over-exaggerating game mechanics is perfectly fine by me. What I do not enjoy are movie/TV show parodies that look almost identical to the original work barring a few differences (actors/actresses and props).

Quite frankly, I find these types of parodies to be insulting to the original work. People put a lot of time into creating these original works. Tthey might not be good, but that isn’t the point of this argument. I feel that parodies mock writers, directors, cameramen, lighting and other crew members. I don’t find parodies to be the pinnacle of creative work. Quite the opposite, I find parodies to be the bottom feeders that piggy-back on the success of much greater works than themselves.

While many argue that parodies themselves are creative, that only applies to the writing. They life everything else, from costumes to characters from the original work. It is much easier to criticize a piece of work than actually come up with a great piece of original work. I’ve had my fair share of ranting at how movie critics have no idea what they’re talking about.

There are some parodies that are great, though. One of the most notable is Carbot Animations, which I hinted at earlier in this post. This might be for a very niche audience (fans of Blizzard games, particularly Starcraft II). The art is incredibly adorable, and the humour very fitting. Carbot Animations pokes fun at some of the most standard game mechanics in Starcraft II and other Blizzard games. What’s great about the videos is that the exaggerations are not far-fetched. They are natural and you might have even thought about them while playing game.

So there you have it… my short rant on parodies.

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