Collection Spotlight: Kinder Double Illusion Toys

Probably one of the coolest set of toys I own. The Kinder Double Illusion Toys are something everyone wants to look at.

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit Goat

“Kinder” is the German word for “children”, and the Kinder Surprise Egg was one of my favourites as a kid. The Kinder Surprise Egg is made by Italian company Ferrero. It consists of a chocolate shell, in the shape of a chicken’s egg, roughly 2mm thick, consisting of a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of white chocolate. Inside this chocolate shell is a small plastic capsule. You can open this capsule up to reveal a little toy inside. Toys can either be whole (as with the case in the Double Illusion Toy), or require simple assembly such as jigsaw puzzles and small models. Intersting fact: the US has banned the Kinder Egg. This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bans any candy that has an embedded toy or trinket.

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit

The toys inside the Kinder Egg are highly collectible. Most collectors tend to focus on a specific type of toy. Kinder Eggs sometimes have metallic figures, or jigsaw puzzles. The metallic figures are some of the most highly collectible items available from the Kinder Egg. I, however, have focused on the Double Illusion toys. This was for a number of reasons. Firstly, I got the full set fairly easily. Also, the set was cheap and looks great. You can’t really go wrong with that.

Kinder Double Illusion Pelican

Surprisingly, not only the toys are collectible. Each Kinder Egg also comes with a small piece of paper, around 2cm x 6cm. These papers usually will contain assembly instructions if the toy requires assembly, and drawings of the other toys in the series. A series is basically a set of similar toys. In the case of my collection, the toys I have come from four different series. In fact, because very few people know about the collectibility of the papers, many people throw away/lose these papers. This sometimes makes the papers even more valuable than the toy itself.

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit

Kinder Surprise toys have a number of different serial codes to classify them. These codes depend on the year they were released and the region they were released in. In fact, Kinder eggs do not contain the same toys worldwide. These codes also change depending on whether the company recasts or re-releases the toys.

Kinder Double Illusion Ram

The Double Illusion toys I have all come from the Pre-2004 Western European line of Kinder toys. The only reason I came to know about these toys is because I bought a Kinder Egg during a summer vacation to the Netherlands. I got the toy that is shown at the top of the blog post. It really appealed to me, and more than 10 years later, I was able to complete the collection. All of these toys have a serial number in the form of KxxNyyy, where “x” would be the two-number year code (2000 would be 00, 1999 would be 99, etc.) and “y” would be the three-number serial code for the toy in the entire year. Each code is unique.

As I mentioned earlier, my Double Illusion toys come from four different years. The serial codes are below:

1997 1998 1999 2000
K97N101 K98N105 K99N094 K00N071
K97N102 K98N106 K99N095 K00N072
K97N103 K98N107 K99N096 K00N073
K97N104 K98N108 K99N097 K00N131
K97N105 K99N098 K00N132
K97N106 K99N099 K00N133 (Two Variants)

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit

The toys are really cool to look at and are certainly one of the most colourful parts of my collection. I really haven’t found any other Kinder Toys that have come even close to the level of appeal as these ones have. If you’d like to see pictures of the other Double Illusion toys, check out their gallery here.

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit Pelican

While I am certain that I have collected all the Double Illusion toys, please let me know in the comments if you think I have missed one. Also, if you do have any recommendations as to what Kinder Toys (or any other collectibles, for that matter) I should have a look at, please post and let me know!

Edit (27/7/2016): Turns out I was missing one one. This is an incredibly rare variant of K00N133, which was only distributed in Germany. It looks exactly the same as the green hamster I showed above, only brown. But good news is I now have it. Take a look!

Kinder Double Illusion Rabbit Variant

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