YouTube Spotlight: Emma Heesters

She has one of the most stunning voices of any singer I’ve heard on Youtube. I’d like to feature Emma Heesters‘ channel on my Youtube spotlight this month.Emma Heesters Logo

I first stumbled across Emma’s channel a few months ago as a Youtube recommendation (whoa! It actually worked for once!). I heard her cover of “Scared to be Lonely” and her voice really impressed me. She had an incredibly strong voice. So, I listened to some of her other work and quickly subscribed. I still have her channel subscribed to today.

She is a very talented singer with a great voice. She produces covers of music once a week. Her work is very professional. If you enjoy covers, you’re definitely going to find music you will like on her channel.

I wouldn’t go too far back into the past though (in my opinion, past 2015). Some of her earlier work is not as good. The quality of singing does not even come near to how good she is right now, which shows that she has improved over the past few years.

She puts out a song once a week or so, which is a decent frequency giving the talent required to pull it off. She has a channel worth subscribing to, and you should check it out.

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