Random Restaurant Review: EPIC Steak, San Francisco

When I saw “Epic Steak”, I knew I had to go there. I wanted to know whether they deserved that name. They did.

Epic Steak Logo

I went to Epic Steak during my visit to San Francisco. My friend and I were looking for a good steakhouse and this place came up. We called up earlier to see if they accepted walk-ins and they said we could probably stop by at 9PM the same day, which floored us. A restaurant that is so full they can’t accept walk-ins any earlier is a good sign.

We set up a reservation the following day and upon walking in, we saw it was bustling with diners, especially given that we went fairly early. The waiter seated us, and then explained that they print their menus daily, pointing out the specials to us. The waiter was well-dressed and very professional.

The table we got had a stunning view of the San Francisco bay. It really added a new dimension to the ambience of the whole place. I ordered the Filet Mignon, basically the Rolls Royce of steaks and so did my friend. I ordered a side of fries while he got a soup. All I can say is that the steak that I ordered has been one of the best steaks ever. It was bursting with flavour, cooked absolutely perfectly and seared very nicely.

In fact, I enjoyed the steak so much that I decided to go with the dessert as well, just to see what they had. Turns out that they have ice-cream which you can customize to your liking. You can pick three scoops of difference flavours, choose what kind of toppings you want (crushed nuts, whipped cream, etc.). You could even choose how to have it served (Sundae Glass, Wafer Bowl, or Mini Sugar Cone).

The final bill set us back $250. For two people, that is quite expensive. However, I am willing to dish out large amounts of money for good food. The restaurant’s high prices are justified. The food is absolutely incredible. If you are curious as to what sundae I ordered, I ordered a Sundae Glass with two scoops chocolate and one scoop coffee, with chocolate fudge sauce and topped with chocolate shards and received this masterpiece of art:

Uber Sundae

Honestly, it felt like I have achieved my purpose in life. That my purpose in life was to eat this sundae. And it was good.

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