YouTube Spotlight: Financial Diet

Learn how to save money by learning some little tips and tricks from The Financial Diet.

Financial Diet Logo

The Financial Diet is a channel that is usually hosted by Chelsea Fagan. The goal of the channel is to help people save money. The Financial Diet offers tips and tricks on how to save money. It teaches people how to budget, manage and organize their lifestyles so that they can live comfortable lives, but also not spend lots of money in the process.

The videos normally take the format of other list shows available on the internet. For example, you’ll see videos like “6 Smart Ways to Spend $100”. While there are a lot of videos that come in this format, not all are like that. The channel has videos that provide knowledge on how to budget effectively and efficiently. Not all of the tips may apply to you. I personally found that I was already doing a lot of the things they recommended.

The Financial Diet releases a new video roughly once a week. Average video length is between 5-10 montes, although longer videos are certainly possible. All-in-all, the channel can provide you with some great tips if you’d like to get a little bit more out of your monthly income.

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