Glassworking Spotlight: The First Flower Marble

To continue my glassworking spotlight series, I want to show the first marble I ever made in my own studio at home: a Flower Marble.

Flower Marble

This was the first Flower Marble I was able to make of a decent quality. Similar to the first post I made in this series, this is an Implosion marble. However, what makes this different is how the pattern is applied to the disk of glass. The Implosion technique remains the same.

The two colors I used here were Asian Pink and Northstar Millenium Moss. These two colors are fairly easy to work with because they don’t boil easily which means you won’t be seeing many air bubbles in the piece after it’s complete. Keep that in mind for future spotlights too. You might notice that I don’t really use a wide range of colors. I definitely do have more colors. However, the boiling issue is something I’d like to avoid while I’m still trying to get the hang of glassworking in general.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this first attempt. The petals on the flower are a little too thick, which is something I’ll try to improve upon. But glassworking takes a lot of time to master, and I’ve only just started.

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