Glassworking Spotlight: The Second Flower Marble

Following on from the previous post, this is my second attempt at a flower marble, and I think it looks much better.

Flower Marble

I think this one looks a lot better than the previous marble I made. I paid a lot of attention to what flaws I could find.¬† One of the biggest issues I had with the previous marble was the thickness of the flower’s petals. So, I applied a thinner pattern and it seems to have worked relatively well.

The colors I used for this one were Asian Purple and¬†Northstar Millenium Moss. Again, they’re very easy to work with because they don’t boil easily. I’d like to master the design of the flowers first, before I move on to harder-to-work colors.

The one thing I’d like to improve with the overall design of the flower is the depth. Right now, the flower basically travels halfway through the sphere of glass before curling outwards. This is, by no means, a problem. But, I’d like to get a little more depth. The issue is: getting that much depth is hard. There’s a lot of control required with how you melt the glass and how you position your arm. It’s something that will come down to experience, but it’s definitely something I want to try.

I’m fairly happy with this piece. It’s not perfect, but I do feel like I’m taking strides to improve my glassworking skill. Only time will tell whether I’ll be able to master it.

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