YouTube Spotlight: Hello Internet

Hello Internet is a YouTube channel that contains video versions of the Hello Internet podcast. It is the only podcast I listen to, so I figured it was worth spotlighting.

Hello Internet Logo

Hello Internet is a podcast that is run by C.G.P Grey (the creator of the C.G.P Grey channel) and Brady Haran (the creator of channels like Numberphile). They basically discuss…well…stuff. It’s really hard to describe the topics of conversation between these two folks. All I can tell you is that I find it very interesting.

The Hello Internet podcast is a rational discussion between two people on random topics. The topics of conversation vary greatly, so it is quite difficult to specify a theme to the podcast. Topics range from how toothbrush recommendations to their opinions on the education system and schools.

Another question one might ask is “What’s to watch in the video?”. Simple answer (at least, at the time of this post) is: nothing. The videos on the channel generally involve an executive toy (something like a drinking bird, or an oil & water spinner) that loops throughout the course of the video.

The podcast displays a very good level of rapport between C.G.P Grey and Brady. Their conversation flows naturally and logically, making it easy to listen to, without boring you out of your mind. It’s worth checking out, but note┬áthat each podcast lasts around 90 minutes, so it might take you a while to get through if you’re dedicating time exclusively for this.

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