Collection Spotlight: Kinder Aliens

The Kinder Aliens come with a nice metallic paint and are pretty hilarious.

Kinder Aliens

Kinder released the Kinder Aliens set of toys between 1998 and 2000 in various countries in Europe. However, unlike most Kinder toys, these did not have unique ID numbers. This makes tracking them down very difficult. The toys feature green aliens in wacky positions.

It also turns out that the Germans are particularly big fans of the Kinder Surprise toys. They have a whole community of fans aimed at collecting these toys. Because of this, you will often find chase variants in the German versions. Chase variants are rare versions for fans to chase down. They are hard to come by. This is in contrast to other European countries, who only have a single variant.

As you can see from the image above, there are three countries who have variants: Italy, France and Germany. Each had their own name for this series and a name for each of the aliens. I have listed them in the table below:

Set # Italy France Germany
Set Name 10 Extraterrestri Stralunati Astro Comic Super Spacys
1 Unci Net Pasta Pulli Lola Pasta
2 Robo Golf Ike Icehockey Patrice Practice
3 Cidi ‘Sko Tracy Technomix Max Remix
4 My copy Kain Kopyreit Francesco Pie
5 Ski Water Kris Klolumbus Marin Dodouce
6 Galaxina & Alf Green Gina Galaxina & Kirky Kissme Archibelle & Franklin D’Oeil
7 Space Post Mike Mission Alex Press
8 Venerella Cosma Color Sophie Stickee
9 Tarta Ridens & Kosmonello Turboturtle & Benny Beamer Toufeu Touflam
10 Tic & Tokko Lucky Lockvogel Chantal Heurefix

The differences between the Italian and French version is the color scheme. Usually the reds and yellows are swapped across them. However, the German versions have very big differences.

Sometimes, German versions may have more than one version, which is why tracking them down can be so difficult. This is very true when buying online. It’s quite hard to tell them apart, unless you know what you’re looking for. Also, the seller may not know what version they have. The differences between the versions are listed in the table below:

# Italy France Germany 1 Germany 2 Germany 3
1 Light Blue Box Orange Box Dark Blue Box
2 Red and Yellow ice cream Blue and Yellow ice cream Pink ice cream with Dark Green grass Pink ice cream with Light Green grass Pink ice cream with dark green grass with golden alien
3 Red blender with Yellow handle Yellow blender with Red handle Orange blender Orange blender with golden alien
4 Red “copy” on machine Yellow “copy” on machine Yellow”copy” on machine with an orange lid
5 Blue floor tiles Red floor tiles No floor tiles but toilet roll has a heart pattern facing to the right No floor tiles but toilet roll has a heart pattern facing to the left
6 Yellow bow and Red stem of artichoke Red bow and Yellow stem of artichoke Yellow bow with pink stem of cactus
7 Yellow rocket with red tip Red rocket with yellow tip Brown rocket with red tip and Light Green grass Brown rocket with red tip and Dark Green grass
8 Red paint can Yellow paint can Orange paint can with silver handle extending to the vertical portion Orange paint can with silver handle extending half-way through
9 Red rocket attached to turtle Yellow rocket attached to turtle Short antenna Long antenna
10 Red ledge with pink earrings Yellow ledge with red earrings Different color scheme for the cuckoo clock

As you can tell, some of the differences across the German ones are subtle without a close look. It makes this set very hard to collect. I have managed to collect a full set. That is, I have all the variants from all the countries. This did take me a while to put together. I had to buy these aliens from many sellers online.

I learnt many things while trying to put this collection together. For example, I learnt about the large German community that surrounds Kinder. I also learnt about the German variants, and chase versions of these toys. Overall, it was a hard, but good learning experience for me. My collection looks great with these new figures added. I hope this post is able to provide a little help if you intend on starting your own Kinder collection.

If you’d like to see more pictures of this collection by visiting my gallery.

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