Random Restaurant Review: Maredo Steakhouse, Munich

In Munich, I decided to try out some steak. Maredo had some good reviews, so I decided to try it out.

Maredo Logo

I always try to make it a point to eat steak wherever I go. Maredo Steakhouse was near Marienplatz, a very popular tourist destination that I was visiting that day. I checked the reviews out and it turns out they were pretty good.

Upon entering the restaurant, a waiter greeted me in English. This might not seem like a big deal, but it was. My entire trip to Munich was made very difficult by the language barrier. Apparently, not many people in Munich speak English, despite it being a very popular tourist destination. A waiter that spoke English just made communicating my order easier.

I ordered a Rib-eye steak with fries, a very average order. I normally order food like this to get a good idea on the quality of the food. The food arrived and I was not happy. First and foremost, they overcooked the meat. I had requested my steak at a medium temperature. The steak varied between well-done and medium. Personally, that is a feat, because I have never seen a steak cooked with such a wide range of cooking degrees.

Additionally, the steak had no taste. It tasted like a piece of beef. There was no rub on the steak. They served no sauce with the steak. I essentially just got a piece of meat. While rib-eye steaks do have a lot of flavour in them, a little sauce or rub on the steak can go a long way. In the case of Maredo, they chose to not put that on the steak.

Overall, I was very disappointed with the restaurant. Considering the high prices they charge for their meat, I’d expect at least a little flavour in the food.

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