YouTube Spotlight: Mike Browne

If you’re looking to get into photography, Mike Browne can teach you a thing or two!

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A while ago, I wrote a post about me getting into photography as a hobby. If you have ever been curious about photography and wanted to get started, you might have easily found the jargon to become very quickly overwhelming. Not to mention that operating a DSLR can itself require a little time.

If you did read that post, you’ll find that I was able to solve my gear problem by asking professionals. But in terms of actual photography skill, that takes a little bit of learning and a whole lot more of practice. I was able to find the confidence to photograph by watching the videos that Mike Browne had on his channel.

Mike Browne covers everything from the very basics of photography to theory. He also covers more advanced principles such as bracketing and white balance correction. He talks about how to handle the camera, how to frame a shot so it looks good, among other things.

What sets Mike Browne’s channel apart from other people is how great of a speaker he is. He speaks very clearly and at a great pace. He takes the time to not only explain the subject concepts of the video, but also goes ahead to demonstrate what he is talking about.

A great example of this is his focal length video. He takes photos at different focal lengths to show you how these can impact a photograph. Core principles like these are very important for any aspiring photographer. Getting a good handle of them at the very start and significantly reduce the frustrations later on.

If you want to get into photography or want to learn more about your camera, I cannot recommend enough Mike Browne’s channel. It is just an absolutely fantastic resource for any photographer.

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  1. Julian Gang says:

    I agree with everything that you said! I also wish that he would have taught me photography from my beginning with the camera!…Julian

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