Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Moonlyte Studios Supergirl

To start off the newest series on my blog, I had to feature my favourite part of my collection: the Moonlyte Studios Supergirl.

Moonlyte Studios Supergirl

I first saw this figure on eBay and it was pretty much an impulse buy. I paid a whopping $900 for it. Not a small price, especially for an impulse buy. Regardless, it became my favourite figure in my entire collection. It also meant that my collection was one-of-a-kind.

When I received the statue, it was damaged due to the seller’s incompetence with packing, and so, I had to get it restored. You can see my blog post on that here. The ceramicist did such a great restoration job, it is unnoticeable.

The figure was made by an art studio called Moonlyte Studios. They have since changed their name to Salt & Pepper Studios. I was not able to find a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page here. In fact, they do have a Supergirl statue, but it is not this one. In fact, I think it looks significantly worse than this one.

So, onto the rarity of this figure. This figure is made out of some type of ceramic. It’s a 1/4 scale figure and stands around 19 1/2″ tall. The statue came as part of an unpainted kit. This meant that in addition to the assembly of the figure, you’d need to either paint it, or get someone to paint the figure. The figure I have was painted by an artist named Vicente Torres. As I was not the original buyer of the statue, I couldn’t locate any information on him.

While this is not first-hand information, the reason this statue is rare is because of a production issue with Moonlyte Studios. Statues like these are made by having a mold made out of the master sculpt (which comes from the artist). During production in the Phillipines, a flood hit the studio’s production facility and damaged the molds. Combined with how fragile the statues are, there is an estimated 10 statues in existence, each one uniquely painted.

The first thing I noticed about the statue (after the restoration and emotional turmoil) was the paint job.  The artist used different types of paint for different parts of the statue. That is, they used glossy paint for the eyes and lips. This has a really cool effect of getting her eyes of sparkle when the light hits them correctly. This adds a real organic feel to the statue.

Moonlyte Eyes Sparkle

The artist really went a long way to making sure the statue looked great. He even took some time to add little darker streaks in the hair, just to give the hair a little more of a natural look.

Moonlyte Hair Streaks

However, the reason why I like the statue so much is because of the amount of detail present. For example, she actually has thumbnails!

Moonlyte Thumbnail

People do not usually look at the back of a statue, but the studio cared enough to include Kara’s coat of arms on her cape as well. Usually, the S is yellow, filled with red. But personally, I think adding the blue in there gives her suit a more unified look in terms of the color scheme.

Moonlyte S

Then, let’s not forget the clouds that she stands/floats over. There is an insane amount of detail present. Some of the other statues I have seen around have blue clouds instead of white. But I think the white, with hints of grey looks more real.

Moonlyte Cloud

And then, let’s not forget the reason I actually fell in love with the statue in the first place. The face. The face is absolutely adorable. So many statues look great, until you see the face. This is not the case with this statue.

Moonlyte Face

All in all, I think I have spent over $1000 buying and restoring this statue. But, I absolutely love it and it was worth it. It is, by far, my favourite part of my collection. It is the most expensive figure in my collect, but also the most beautiful one. Photographing it is a little difficult, because the light creates shadows which can sometimes ruin the picture. It really is a stunning piece to see in person, though.

Moonlyte Figure

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