New Supergirl Movie Predictions

Warner Brothers have announced the development of a Supergirl movie. Being a huge Supergirl fan, I couldn’t not share my thoughts and hopes for this movie.

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When I first read the news, I was ecstatic. I’m really glad Supergirl is getting the recognition she deserves. This may be in-part due to Melissa Benoist’s fantastic performance on the TV show. But regardless of the reason, a Supergirl movie is finally in development.

First, I’d like to talk about what I’d like to see. I’d like to see the same CW Kara get her own movie. In fact, I’d love to see Melissa Benoist, same Kara, same suit and all, get her own movie. She’s certainly not lacking the talent, and she makes a great Supergirl.

However, I do think that this is extremely unlikely, almost impossible. What is more likely to happen is that another actress will get cast as Supergirl. This is a bit of a problem. Melissa’s acting in Supergirl TV show is outstanding. As I have said in several posts before, every Supergirl in the future will be compared to her, which is no small task.

I think Warner Brothers are going to get around this by focusing on an earlier part of Kara’s life. Probably when she first arrives on Earth, and how she struggles to fit in. They’ll probably cast an actress in her early twenties to play a teenage Kara.

This also solves a character-issue. I’ve noticed that Hollywood struggles to create rich and interesting characters, and prefers to fall back on stereotypes. This is a perfect cast. Why? Because Hollywood has their copy/paste template of a rebellious teenager which you see in many of the movies. I’m pretty sure they’ll use that for Kara as well in the movie as well. It saves the creative department the time and effort to come up with an actually interesting character.

This is, of course, a bit of a shame. Kara is an extremely interesting character, with a very deep and rich personality. Part of what makes Supergirl so appealing to me is how she struggles to make choices in her life. Her selflessness and humility are extremely difficult to capture using that type of template character.

So what are my expectations for the movie? It really depends on which actress gets cast. You will somewhat be able to determine what the storyline of the movie is just by seeing the actress. An older actress would imply that they’ll be looking at an older Kara, much like the TV show. A younger actress would imply Supergirl’s origin story.

And here’s the thing. I really want to see a Supergirl movie that focuses on her origin story. Her story is a lot more tragic than Superman’s. She is an extremely interesting character. I also think that having the rebellious teenager Kara might lead to some great humour in the movie. However, I do think that the creative teams at Hollywood will not be able to balance the character out well. But I think the movie with her origin story might end up like a regular high-school drama.

So, will I go to watch the movie in the theaters upon release? Definitely yes. Because I want to show support for the character. I want to see more of Supergirl. I’m not expecting much, but I do hope they knock this movie out of the ballpark. Very similar to what they did with Wonder Woman.

Only time will tell.

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