The Oscar: A Highly Overrated Award

Recently, the Oscars have announced a new category to the lineup: The Popular Film award, which has caused some outcry from critics. However, I think an Oscar is an extremely overrated award.


Recently, a new Oscar was announced for a “Popular Film” category. This means that popular films like “Black Panther” would also be up for nomination. This has caused much controversy among critics.

I tried to look around to see why people have issues with this, but I can’t find something that is justified well. It seems that critics have problems with this category because they see it as the Oscars giving in to more popular blockbusters. They see it as diluting the quality and the value of the award.

But here’s the thing: I think the Oscars are overrated anyway. Now, don’t get me wrong. An Oscar on an actor’s resume is good and will not do anything negative to their career. However, I see the Oscar very much like I see a university degree. It’s recognition from an institution that others respect. It does not testify to the competence or quality of the person.

So, why do I think the Oscars are overrated? I’ve watched several movies that have won Oscar’s, and to be honest, they were alright. Not incredible. However, I did notice a recurring theme. They tend to address more sensitive topics. A movie about homosexuality, or slavery, and gender equality is more likely to win an Oscar, because apparently, the storytelling is better.

But here’s the thing: there are many movies out there that do not address such controversial topics but still have great storytelling. And that’s the thing the Oscars do not seem to get. You don’t need to make a movie about a controversial topic to have good storytelling.

In fact, I now use Oscars to determine how likely I am to not enjoy a movie. If I see that a movie has won several Oscars, I pretty much disregard watching it because it will very likely be a waste of my time.

And that’s the sad part. The Oscars should represent the very best that Hollywood has to offer. It doesn’t matter if the movie is an action movie, or a comedy. The goal of the Oscars should be to showcase movies that satisfy their purpose: entertainment. And they are not doing that at the moment. The Oscars seems to be a platform for voicing political agenda, which I do not care about at all.

When I see critics complaining that the Oscars are giving in to blockbusters, it just confirms my assertions that people have no idea about anything. This is a good step forward because it allows movies that are popular to get recognition they deserve. Previously, they’d only get recognition in some of the other irrelevant categories like Best Soundtrack. Sometimes, you’d even see a blockbuster in those categories¬†just to give it recognition even though it has no place being in that particular category.

I never respected Oscar movies, but Oscar awards for actors are a bit different for me. They’re always a good plus for an actor. But some actors will never get a chance to get recognition, purely because of what type of movies they act in.

And the Oscars are not the only awards I have issues with. Emmy’s are pretty much the same thing, only for TV shows. There are many great actors in TV shows that do not get the recognition they deserve, purely because of the genre of show they act in. But you can see their talent.

But there’s my rant. I think the awards are meaningless. And I don’t believe you should judge that the quality of the actor/movie on the awards they have. I think these awards can be highly misleading, because they are awarded by people who have no idea what’s popular and what’s not.

So, what do you think about the Oscars? Do you watch the ceremony? What are your thoughts on the new category? Let me know in the comments!


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