YouTube Spotlight: Practical Engineering

Delve into the world of Civil Engineering, and learn the subtleties behind some of the taken-for-granted features of our world in Practical Engineering.

Practical Engineering Logo

Practical Engineering is a channel that is hosted by Grady Hillhouse. Grady is a professional civil engineer and he aims to share some of his experience through his Youtube channel.

The channel shares and explains common problems that civil engineers face when designing things like roads, dams and buildings. He talks about things like channeling, sink hole formation and different types of infrastructure.

What I particularly like about the channel is the demos he makes to convey his point. In one of his videos (a video about dams), he shows how water channeling under the dam can cause a failure of the dam in the future. You learn these things in engineering, but rarely ever see them in action. Using acrylic displays and a little bit of careful design, shows you things that you would not normally see occur.

This channel has increased my sense of appreciate for things that I take for granted. It gives you a certain depth of understanding that is quite hard to describe.

Grady does not release videos very often. You can expect a new video once a month, if you’re lucky. But that is fine with me. The videos are of very high quality. They are vey informative, and they clearly take a long time to produce. And each one is an absolute treat to watch. I highly recommend this channel if you want something that is a little different. You won’t regret it.

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