Random Restaurant Review: Cheebo, Los Angeles

While I was in Los Angeles, I visited Cheebo. It had fairly good reviews, so I had high hopes.

Cheebo Logo

My first impressions on Cheebo was that it had a very interesting way of decorating the tables. The tables had the regular tablecloths but they had also placed a type of butter paper on top of the tablecloths. Additionally, there was a small glass of crayons on them. I’m not particularly sure why these were there (perhaps to keep kids entertained?), but I did find it very strange.

It took me a while to find a waiter to give me a seat. At the time I visited, only the bartender was around. I picked a table for myself and once the waitress was around, she gave me a menu to have a look at. I decided to go for the fried chicken with a side of fries.

The food I received was alright. Pretty much what you’d expect from a fried chicken dish. However, the fries tasted like frozen fries (like you get from the supermarket), so I wasn’t too happy about that.

All in all, the restaurant was okay. The chicken tasted fine, but it seemed to operate more like a bar than an actual restaurant. Price-wise, it wasn’t too bad either, but there are certainly better places out there.

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