YouTube Spotlight: Real Engineering

Another educational channel that talks about how engineering is applied in the real world: Real Engineering.

Real Engineering Logo

Real Engineering is a channel hosted by Brian McManus. Real Engineering is an education channel and covers topics like wireless charging, Bitcoin, and airplanes. It is quite difficult to describe what the channel is but I’ll try my best.

The channel tries to explain the science and engineering behind various aspects of our life that we probably do not notice or take for granted. For example, the channel will talk about I-beams (used in construction) and why they have that particular shape. Brian then goes into the physics behind design.

The videos on the channel are about 10 minutes long, sometimes longer. This is the one minor qualm I have with the channel. I feel that some of the videos could be a little shorter. However, I’d very much rather have a longer video that goes into detail, than a short video that misses on several key points.

The channel releases a new video once every two weeks, which might seem a little infrequent. However, given the level of detail in the videos, it is perfectly fine. It also means that it won’t fill your sub box. Additionally, it should give you plenty of time to watch the videos before the next one comes out.

Overall, if you enjoy some of the other educational channels out there, this might be one to check out. The illustrations, drawings and diagrams are great. The host speaks clearly. He explains things within a reasonable level of complexity. All great pluses for this channel.

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