On the Recent Blog Silence: A New Starcraft Website

No, I haven’t abandoned the blog! I was actually working on a project of mine for Starcraft that I’m happy to announce: starcraft2coop.com!

Starcraft II Co-op Logo

So, the short answer as to why I haven’t been posting on the blog for a month is because I was busy. I know I hate that word. So instead of using the word “busy”, I’d prefer to use the phrase “had other priorities that took precendence”. Over the past month, I have been working on a new website: 

If you visit the website, you’ll quickly see why I was not able to post to the blog. The amount of data-gathering that was necessary to make that website come to fruition was intense. I literally spent every waking hour of my time working away tirelessly to get all the information I wanted down.

For those that are not aware, I stream Starcraft II on Twitch. You may find a link to my Twitch stream here. I stream a particularly unique mode of the game: a co-op mode, where you and your ally play against the AI in a pre-defined mission.

However, what a lot of people do not realize is that there is a lot of depth to the mode. High-tier players constantly struggle to complete these missions because they underestimate how difficult it can actually be.

The purpose of the site is to share all the knowledge that I, and the Co-op community have gathered throughout the years that this mode was made available. And by visiting the site, you’ll quickly see how much information there is. The goal is to try and help players get better at Starcraft II’s Co-op mode and improve their gameplay.

The site has detailed pictures, guides and data for players of all skill levels. The site launched about a week ago and I am very happy the community really appreciated the content. I got a lot of positive feedback and some great constructive criticism.

In fact, over the past week, I have been working on correcting and adding particular content for the site that people had requested. Overall, it’s going pretty well and I’m very happy with where the site is today. 

So, what’s the future plan? I still have some more content to add. I don’t want to go into details over here because this is more of a blog for general readers. The content, however, will take time and I have to talk to a few other players to get their expert advice.

What about this blog? I intend on going back to the regular schedule where I make a post every few days. The standard Supergirl Collection Spotlight and the Glassworking Spotlight series will return as normal. I also have a bunch of other topics to post about and you’ll see those as well. The content of this blog will not change.

The past month filled up my time completely as I collected, collated, summarized and generated content for the site. But now, I have completed the brunt of the work and I think the site looks great. I’ll have a lot more time now to focus on this blog and write some more content here.

So stay tuned! There are more rants, spotlights, collection photos on the way!

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