Random Restaurant Review: Red Fox Room and Steakhouse, San Diego

The Red Fox Room was a steakhouse that was right next to my hotel, so why not?

Red Fox Room Logo

At first, I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to enter the restaurant. The exterior looked very old, and on the side, they said that they had live entertainment. My first thought was that it might have been a strip club. But after doing a little bit more research, I found that the live entertainment that they provide is sometimes live piano performances.

When I entered the Red Fox Room and Steakhouse, it took me a while for my eyes to adjust to the low light in the place. I mean, the place was actually really dark. It had a very small number of yellow bulbs for lighting.

I did not notice any waiting staff around, so I just asked the bartender, and she seated me. Once the waitress got to my table, I ordered a New York Strip with a side of fries. The steaks they have on order also come with a garlic bread appetizer, which was really tasty and a salad which was fresh.

The chef had cooked the steak to a perfect temperature. Moist, tender and filled with flavour. The fries were also really good and crisp on the outside. Overall, I had no complaints about the food.

The price wasn’t too bad either, well worth the quality of the food I received. My only complaint about the place is the low light level. It is actually really dark, way darker than you’d expect and it can take a while for your eyes to adjust to such a low light level, which can throw you off you’re not expecting it.

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