Random Restaurant Review: Smoke House, Los Angeles

I visited the Smoke House after my trip to Warner Brothers Studios based on their recommendation.

Smoke House Logo

According to the tour at Warner Brothers studios, Smoke House was one of the best steakhouses around. Many Hollywood stars visited it in the past. Being a big fan of steaks, I could not turn down the opportunity. I ordered a Filet Mignon, which is pretty standard for me, as I prefer lean cuts of meat.

I was extremely disappointed with what I received. The place basically served me boiled vegatables. There’s something that really annoys me about boiled vegetables. They taste terrible, and to me, they seem like waste products after the chef makes vegetable stock.

They also managed to over-sear the steak. The strong taste of carbon overpowered the flavour of the steak. This was despite the fact that was perfect on the inside. The fries I received were undersalted. Some even slightly hard. Overall, a pretty bad main course.

I did decide to try out the dessert and asked for the dessert menu. What happened next, I did not expect. The waiter brought out a huge tray, containing all the desserts they had available and asked me to pick one. Certainly not my idea of a dessert menu, but I did find something like this quite amusing.

Overall, I cannot recommend this place. It might have been a really good steakhouse back in the day, but it is no match for some of the other steakhouses around, like the Cheesecake Factory.

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