The End of Collection and YouTube Spotlights

I can’t believe this blog is almost four years old. It’s come a long way, and now, I have to announce the end of the Collection and YouTube spotlight.

Spotlight Conclusion

The latest Youtube and Collection spotlights denote the conclusion of those series. For the Collection spotlight, it’s really simple as to why: I ran out of things to spotlight! I never actually thought that this day would come. But apparently, it has!

For the YouTube spotlights, it’s slightly different. There is some great content out there, but really none at the quality I’m looking for. Additionally, I wanted to focus more on educational YouTube channels, rather than creative ones. While I do understand that I did spotlight some music channels, that was never the original intent.

Does this mean the end of this forever? Probably not. If I do manage to find something to add to my collection, or stumble across a good YouTube channel, I will definitely spotlight them. But, as I do not see this happening for the foreseeable future, I would not really expect recurring content on them.

So that leaves me with one question: I have two regular series that have concluded. What do I fill them up with? I initially thought to fill the void up with the non-regular series like “Good Game” or “Yay“. However, I feel that too many of those posts would throw off the overall balance of this blog. I didn’t want this to become a gaming blog. I want this blog to be a place where I could provide the world with a glimpse of my life and my interests.

And so, I have decided to replace them with two new spotlights: Supergirl Collection Spotlight and Glassworking Spotlight.

First, the Supergirl Collection Spotlight. I have been a Supergirl fan for a very long time and I have an extensive (if not the world’s rarest) collection of Supergirl figures. As was the case with the regular collection, I will be spotlighting a figure or a set of figures in detail. I’ll talk about their history, origin, approximate value and acquisition.

Second, the Glassworking Spotlight. I have recently taken an interest in glassworking and am working on creative pieces that are sale-worthy. Every month, I’ll pick the best-looking piece I recently made, photograph it and talk about it in detail. This will include how I made it, what colors I used and techniques involved.

While I do understand that the Glassworking Spotlight might only interest other glass artists, I believe it might be a useful resource for some people. And who knows, it might help me establish my name in the field too!

So, those are the big changes that will be taking place on this blog, effective this month. Stay tuned!

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