Suits: A Great Display of Terrible Clothing

This is one of those things that don’t really bother you, until you start noticing how common it is. I’m talking about terrible clothes.

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If you are worried about spoilers, worry no more! I won’t post spoilers in this post. I will post a few pictures of outfits worn by the characters, but none of the pictures will contain any spoilers.

When I started writing this post, I initially thought of doing a post centered around Rachel Zane. From what I could remember, she had the most horrible outfits in the show. However, I was unable to find any scenes, apart from one with those outfits. I think I might have remembered incorrectly. Why didn’t I make a post earlier? I never really payed that much attention until I watched an episode where one of Jessica Pearson’s outfits really stood out and being absolutely atrocious.

Suits Clothing 1

Let me first start off by saying that I am, by no means, a fashion guru. My standard look is a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. My wardrobe consists of many T-shirts, mostly plain-colored, all with dark, bland colors. I don’t really pay attention to what people wear either. I may notice a T-shirt with funny text, but in general, as long as people dress moderately, I don’t really care. So, when I notice how terrible some of the characters dress in Suits, it sets off alarm bells in my head. This is why I decided to look into it further and write up a little post about it.

This, of course, does not apply to the male characters, as most of the time, they’re wearing suits. But some of the outfits worn by female characters just blew my mind. They look terrible, and I’m not quite sure who would wear something as horrible-looking as that to the workplace, especially one like a highly-regarded law firm. Let’s start with the one that actually got me to write this post:

Suits Clothing 2

Jessica Pearson worse this outfit  in the episode that aired on the last week of January 2016. Seriously, what on Earth is that? It looks like a blouse, but there’s a coat. But it’s not a coat. It looks like she chos to not wear the sleeves, and just roll it over and tuck it, leaving this huge globule on the right. This is not the only terrible outfit worn by Jessica Pearson in the show. Here’s another one:

Suits Clothing 3

It looks like the person that was tailoring this dress overestimated how much material they needed, and instead of actually cutting it down to length, decided to fold the whole upper portion downwards. Either that, or it was a failed attempt at making a prototype for a straitjacket.

Jessica Pearson is not the only character that I have noticed that wears terrible outfits. Here are a few more:

Suits Clothing 4

The one on the left looks like it was placed halfway through a paper-shredder. On the right, it looks like they started off trying to make a Karategi, only to just stop and give up because the proportions were all wrong. This post wouldn’t be complete if I couldn’t find one terrible outfit on Rachel Zane, so here’s one:

Suits Clothing 5

Really weird-looking top. Looks like a very poor attempt on a collar, but added to a dress, for some reason.

I did a little bit of researching on the wardrobes of the characters, because apparently, I have too much free time on my hands. It turns out that a lot of these clothes are designer clothes. Designer clothes. As in, really expensive, overpriced clothes. Seriously, if that’s what it passes off as designer clothing, I really should consider a change in career, because clearly, you don’t have to make good-looking clothes that people would not be embarassed to wear to be successful.

I think I’ll go rest now for a bit.

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  1. Carlie says:

    You are 100% on to something. The clothing is so bad its distracting! She is also rearely dressed suitable for the occasion, which is a pet hate of mine. With such a wide range of beautiful clothing available for the modern chic business woman, why dress up her up like a xmas tree. Clean lines, beautiful fabric with superior cut is the key to a well dressed woman.

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